Treatment of chronic back and lower back pain

The Gold Clinic
is a specialist clinic where we focus on treating aching joints and chronic pain using local gold treatment.

We have been using this method since 1996 with good results in the majority of our patients with chronic back pain. Some are significantly relieved, while others become completely pain-free after a single treatment. Get insight below.

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Long-term back pain

About one in four Danes has recurrent low back pain, while 11-12% have such severe persistent back pain that it affects social, physical and psychological aspects of life. Get an insight into how we treat chronic back pain at the Gold Clinic.

Osteoarthritis of the lower back is a common cause of chronic or recurrent back pain in middle-aged and older people. Find out how these pains can be treated.

A slipped disc often strikes like a bolt from the blue. For some, the pain becomes chronic. Here we focus on the different treatment options.

Sensory disturbances (sciatica)

Sciatica is a symptom that often occurs with new-onset or chronic low back pain. The symptom may be pain, numbness or sensation down one or both legs.

Chronic muscle pain

When the nervous system becomes overactivated, as in chronic pain, the muscles become sore and tense. Here, a gold treatment can often help.

Pain after back surgery

When a major back operation has no effect on the pain, it is called failed back surgery syndrome. Here we focus on what can be done.

Meet our doctors

Hans Kjerkegaard

Hans Kryger Kjerkegaard

Doctor, MD,
Risskov (Aarhus), Denmark

Læge Ulrik Kjerkegaard

Ulrik Kjerkegaard

Doctor, MD,
Risskov (Aarhus), Denmark

Hans Kjerkegaard

Hans Kryger Kjerkegaard

Doctor, MD,
Risskov (Århus), Denmark

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