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Our patients recommend gold bead implantation

In this section, you’ll find recommendations from our patients who we treated with gold beads implantation:

Elderly patient with left sided knee pain due to severe osteoarthritis. Before gold implantation, the patient had such severe chronic pain in her knees that she could not walk. The patient was accompanied to our clinic in Denmark by her two daughters, one of whom wrote back the day after the mother’s treatment.


It's a miracle

It’s amazing – mum has no pain in her knee since yesterday after she had gold in her knee. She’s been out for a walk on the road with a walker without any pain, which she hasn’t been able to do for a long time […] It’s a miracle.

Thank you so much – we are so happy.

Daughter of 92-year-old woman

Patient with increasing lower back pain for 10 years. The patient had gold beads implanted in her back in December 2016.


I have no back pain anymore

Just a nice feedback…
The first few days after my gold treatment, I was a little tired – BUT on the 11th of December I just felt fantastic.

I haven’t had any back pain since the 11th of December and we just had a visit from our son and daughter-in-law and our lovely grandchildren for 10 days during Christmas. I’ve danced, jumped and played with my grandchildren – well, it’s just been great.

Kaj, 66 years old

Patient with left-sided knee pain .


I am SO happy that my pain is gone

Now, almost three months have passed since I got gold in my left knee on the 3nd of November.
I’m happy to tell you that the pain was pretty much gone immediately after my gold bead implantation. The pain briefly returned at the end of November but then the pain disappeared again.
I still get some swelling of my knee (less than before) when I walk far. But my knee doesn’t hurt anymore and the swelling goes away fairly quickly. I can fully stretch my knee, which I couldn’t do before.

I am SO happy that the pain is gone and to have my full mobility back and it seems like it is still getting a little better day by day👏🏻😊.


Patient with left-sided knee pain due to pronounced osteoarthritis detected by both MRI and CT scan. The patient was treated with gold in the left knee by doctor Hans Kryger Kjerkegaard, MD, in November 2016.


The pain in my knee is gone

Hi, My Miracle Doctor.
I had gold implants in my left knee on the 30th of November 2016. I was in terrible pain before my gold treatment. After just two weeks I experienced an improvement. My pain is now gone.

I tell it to anyone who cares to hear about it😊

Lene, 41 years old

This patient had chronic back pain after back surgery in 2003 for a herniated disc.
The pain got worse a year and a half ago, when she was admitted to a local hospital in Denmark.


Gold bead implantation has completely changed my life

“I had severe pain in my back – very severe pain. I had home care eight times a day. My pain was terrible and I had no quality of life,” says Lillian, who had surgery for a slipped disc in 2003.
The pain got worse a year and a half ago, when she was admitted to a local hospital in Denmark. “My aunt had a gold bead implantation a few years ago and recommended that I tried this treatment for my back pain. […]
Gold bead implantation has completely changed my life,” Lillian says today.

Listen to Lillian’s story in the video here.

Lillian, 52 years old

Irene had 24-karat gold beads implanted in her knee with good effect. Today she is pain-free. Listen to her story below:


The pain is gone

After I had gold beads put in my knee, the pain is gone.

Listen to Irene’s story in the video here.

Irene, 69 years old

This patient had gold beads implanted in 2013. At first in her knee and later in her ankle. She had suffered from pain in those joints for about three years due to osteroarthritis.


I've got my quality of life back after my treatment with gold beads.

It’s amazing. I just got back from vacation. Last year, I could barely walk a mile. This year I have walked far distances every single day. It’s almost too good to be true that I no longer have any pain.

Vita, 66 years old

Susanne had a gold bead implantation in her back in 2000 and again in 2008. In her 30s, she underwent surgery due to a slipped disc following a back injury. Subsequently, she suffered from chronic lower back pain. The email below was sent to us in 2018 (10 years after her gold bead implantation)


I am deeply grateful

I had a lot of pain in my lower back and my pain had a negative effect on my quality of life. I had two treatments where gold beads were implanted in my back.

I have the best retirement job in the world, so I walk every day between 10 and 15 km. After my gold treatments, I never experience any back pain (only sore feet!). I sleep pretty well at night and feel just amazing thanks to the gold implants in my lower back.

I am deeply grateful for your efforts many years ago.

Many thanks, Susanne (now jumping around like a spring hare - or almost)

Below, you’ll find success stories from some of our first patients in our clinic who were treated successfully with 24-karat gold beads due to chronic pain conditions:

Play Video about Nakkesmerter | Effektiv guld behandling | Gold Implant

This patient were exercising her whole lift. However, the patient was unable to do any kind of exercise and sport when she had awhiplash injury follwing a car accident. In the first few months after the injury, muscle spasms in the neck made it hard to move or turn her head and neck to the left. She also suffered from post-commotio and severe headache. Before the patient came to our clinic for her gold implantation, she had already tried chiropractic care, which only relieved pain 1 or 2 days and thereafter worsened the pain causing restricted movement of the neck and pain. The pain slowly got worse with time. The patient also experienced that the pain started to involve shoulders and upper back. The pain really got bad in 2017. At this point, the patient had a constant pain in upper back and neck.

The patient came to us in 2018 for a gold bead implantation. Implanting tiny 24-karat gold beads in her neck and upper back reliefed her pain. She wrote to us after her gold bead implantation:


It's great to be able to sleep again after years of pain

I am very happy and grateful because the pain in my neck and back is gone. I can sleep at night without feeling knives and stitches in my back. It’s great getting a good night’s sleep again after years of pain. It makes my zest for life return. Have been on horseback in the beautiful autumn. From the forest hilltop overlooking the lake, both Gilvi and I sent many grateful thoughts to you at the clinic.

Merete, 59 years old

The patient was treated with gold implants in the neck and low back in 1998.


It was for me truly a miracle

I got gold in my neck and lower back in 1998 and have been fine ever since. You gave me my old life back. That was truly a miracle for me. Now suddenly I could do everything again, where for years I had just had pain.

Anders, 77 years old

Patient with chronic back pain.


I can sleep again without pain

Thank you very much for a wonderful and pleasant experience I had with you last Thursday, when I had gold implanted in my back. Yesterday, for the first time in about 3 years, I was able to vacuum our entire 325m2 house without breaks, and without having to lie down for the rest of the day. My back got a little tired, but I didn’t have severe aggravated pain like I used to. For the first time in over a year and a half, I slept from 11pm to 7am without having to get up 3-4 times to take pills. Getting a good night’s sleep was just amazing.

Christina, 39 years old

Completely pain-free after a gold bead implantation

Three months ago, my husband had a gold bead implantation in your clinic. Immediately after the treatment, his hip pain was gone and has been ever since. He is completely pain free today. We are incredibly grateful.

Wife of the patient

This Norwegian patient was treated 14 years ago due to osteoarthritis of the neck and had another gold bead implantation in the back i January 2018 due to lower back pain. The feedback below is 4 months after implanting tiny gold beads in the back to relief chronic back pain.


Very satisfied

I have been with you about 14 years ago for gold treatment in the neck. This treatment has been of great benefit to me and I am still pain free.
I just wanted to tell you that my back is so much better and that I am almost pain free👏🏻👏🏻
When I’m very active I can sometimes have pain in my hips and a bit down my leg, but otherwise it’s perfectly fine👍

Betina, 58 years old

This was a patient with chronic back pain after a herniated disc.


I can't believe I have no more pain

I want to tell you how my “gold adventure” went.
It’s incredible! I have no pain anymore. When the local anaesthetic disappeared, I couldn’t sit, only lie on my side. The next morning the pain in my back was gone, the slipped disc still hurt, but it only lasted a few days, then it was ok too.
Many many thanks

Birthe, 52 years old

This was a Norwegian patient who had arthritis and pain in both knees. The patient had no interest in major surgery (total knee replacement) which he was offered by orthopedic surgeons at the local hospital in 2014. He had gold bead imlantation in both knees in our clinic in Denmark in 2015.


New quality of life

I am the happiest patient. You saved my two knees, and gave me new quality of life and mobility after my gold implantation in both my knees.
I’m just incredibly lucky. Again, I can live normally with great activity and hunting trips with heavy backpack.


Bertrand, 62 years old

This patient had severe chronic pain despite daily pain medication since December 2016. The patient underwent surgery for a herniated discin 2007 and 2008. The patient was treated with gold bead implantation in the back in our clinic in April 2017.


I have slept without waking up because of pain

Tonight is the 2nd night I have slept without waking up because of pain. I can sit and stand up from a chair without any problems. I can walk as fast as most. Today my goal is to go riding.
I’m just so happy and relieved. Thank you so much.

Vivian, 60 years old

One of our German patients with pain in a shoulder after a car accident. The patient had a gold bead implantation in March 2017. (The feedback is translated into English.)


A healthier life without pain

My shoulder pain is getting better and better every month. If I say that I started with 100% pain, it is now only 5%! Yipiiiehh. This is a big step to a healthier life without pain! Thank you so much.


One of our German patients with chronic knee pain. This patient had gold beads implanted in both knees. (The feedback is translated into English.)


I am the happiest person in the world

4 weeks after my gold bead treatment 90% of my pain is gone. I am the happiest person in the world. I am so grateful to you. Before the treatment I could nearly walk 30 minutes through the city and every step with pain. Now I walk 3 hours and more without pain. Thank you very much.


Before implantation of gold beads:

To be considered for a our chronic pain treatment with gold implants, please do as follows:

  1. Contact the clinic to make an appointment (you’ll find our contact informationshere). You can also contact us if you need to know more about the treatment before you decide to book an appointment.
  2. We need to see X-ray or CT- /MRI scanning images of the painful joint or painful area prior to your gold bead implantation. Your X-ray or CT-/MRI scanning should not be older than 2 years.
  3. You can always contact the department where you have had the examination. They can send you the images or description of the X-ray or CT- /MRI scanning. The department is obliged to send you the images.
  4. Please send us the X-ray images in advance of your consultation.
  5. If you are taking anticoagulants, you should pause the medication some few days prior to your gold treatment. Always make sure to consult with us regarding any medications that you might take prior to your gold treatment. Please let us know if you take any kind of medication when you book your appointment.
  6. Please bring a relative or friend to transport you home after your gold bead implantation. We advise you not to driving your car for some few hours after your treatment due to the local anaesthetic.

Please, let's talk.

Our specialists have used gold implants for pain relief of chronic pain since 1996. Hence, we’re the clinic with most experience treating long-term and chronic pain in humans with gold beads. Please, let’s get in touch if you want to know more about the treatment.

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