Gold implant in humans

“My gold-treatment was on March 16th 2017. So now 6 months later I can tell you that I am completely happy about what has happened in the meantime.
My pain in my shoulder got less every month. If I say I started with 100% pain – it is now 5%!
To sum up the result of the treatment: it was a big step to a healthy life without pain! Thanks a lot. With best regards.

The implantation of gold is a treatment for chronic pain.
In our clinic we have treated patients with chronic pain since 1996.

By implanting pieces of gold into pain areas, this treatment functions as a permanent acupuncture treatment. About 80% of the patients receiving this treatment experience total pain relief or significant reduction of pain.

Indication For Gold Implantation
Chronic pain condition, for example, osteoarthritis of the neck, lumber region, hip, knee, hand or ankle joint can be treated with a gold implantation.
Patients with cicatricial tissues resulting from disc prolapse operations or patients with disc prolapse who cannot be operated due to the location of the prolapse.
In general, gold implantation is for those patients who need pain relief.

Time Reservation
Time reservation in Denmark : 0045 23 39 49 77
When making a reservation we need the following information:
• your name
• phone number
• birthday
• pain problem
• other or previous diseases
• whether or when the patient was X-rayed/scanned in the area in discussion
• whether s/he is on medication.
It is very important for the doctor to know whether the patient takes any blood diluting medicine. If the patient takes any aspirin-related medicine/salicylate, s/he should take a 3 days pause before the gold implantation. The patient will also be asked whether s/he tolerates iodine andplaster.

How Does A Consultation Session Proceed?
The examination and treatment takes about an hour. The patient tells the doctor about the symptoms, the doctor examines the patient and compares the patient’s symptoms and the examination with the report of X-ray/scanning examination, which should be send to the clinic in good time before the consultation. The report should not be older than 5 years. Then an overall evaluation will be made as to whether a gold implantation is indicated. Generally there is no hindrance to carrying out such a treatment.

How Does A Gold Implantation Proceed?
After local anesthesia small pieces of gold will be implanted into the pain areas. Some patients may feel a little dizzy after the treatment. Because of this, caused by the local anesthesia, the patient must not drive a car just after the procedure.

Price For A Treatment Of Gold Implantation
The price depends on the condition treated. The payment shall take place after the treatment/examination. Cash is accepted, but not credit cards.

When Does The Treatment Take Effect?
In some cases the pain has already gone as the effect of local anesthesia disappears after 1-2 hours.
In most cases the patient will feel some minor tenderness in the following few days in the areas where the gold is embedded.
A few patients may feel a worsening of pain for a short period before the pain decreases.
Most patients experience the relief of pain in the following weeks/months, some however do so 4-5 months after the treatment.
The patients are kindly asked to contact the clinic 3 months after the treatment and report how they are progressing.
The implantation of gold has been applied to human beings since 1996. Veterinarians have applied similar method to dogs and horses since 1970s.

Contact information
MD. Hans Kryger Kjerkegaard
Norddigesvej 4, 1
8240 Risskov
Tel: +45 23 39 49 77

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